After being diagnosed with celiac disease in 2012, I thought I would drink only water and eat only lettuce for the rest of my life.  No restaurants, no Sunday family braais (BBQ’s) and – wait what – no fun while eating at all.  I have lost several kilograms due to the fact that I was petrified to even touch a plate that had anything on it with Gluten.  Being blessed by my amazing hubby who wouldn’t miss grocery shopping for the world and would prepare mouth-watering meals, quickly had to find alternative ways of cooking.

We had to read a lot about celiac disease, what to eat and what not and oh my – was this a scary reality check.  We plainly had get rid of everything in our kitchen.  The general household sauces, like tomato sauce, the spices – oh the spices.  All of them full of gluten and wheat.  My beloved yogurt that I ate on a daily basis and my gummy bears.  Gone! Bye!

But thanks for the internet there was hope.  We found amazing recipes that seemed so easy.  But living in Namibia made things a bit more challenging, as either the ingredient was ridiculously expensive or not available and mostly the shops had no idea what I was talking about.

Being diagnosed with celiac disease has opened my eyes to the good, the bad and the ugly of any food type.  How the humanity indulges in all the dangers that could and probably already did harm our precious body.  And I am daily surprised by people I met who experience some celiac disease symptoms, but blame it on all other reasons like stress.  The world is still unaware of the long term dangers and impacts of gluten, irrespective of being diagnosed with a celiac disease or not.

I love the Banting lifestyle.  It makes total sense, as humans ate this way 200 000 years back.  The paleo diet, which is the modernised Banting version, summarises it so beautiful – it mimics the food groups of our pre-agricultural hunter-gathers ancestors.

But not to boar you any further and let’s get straight to point.

This is my story of how I have been living Gluten free in Namibia.  Here are tips of what alternatives to use in order to live out this allergy.  How much it will cost you, so that you can plan your gluten free monthly grocery planning and even better, how to make jummie dishes, for yourself and your kiddies.

But, even if none of you magnificent readers don’t suffer from any allergy, these recipes are almost guilt free. My recipes will give you the calorie counts, fats, protein etc, and additional I will mark them paleo friendly and for the braver sweeter.  The whole idea is to eat cleaner and better.  Someone told me once, eat less, but better.

If you were to compare these shared and tested recipes to a normal cake, that are smothered in conventional wheat flour consisting with so much unnecessary calories and the mass amounts of sugar that is required, which will only go straight to the ….  You know … hips.  I have always been obsessed with a healthy lifestyle and constantly challenging myself on daily exercise routines to keep my physique in-tact.  Reducing carbs where I can and choosing food that would support my energy levels at optimum level.  I even avoided eating chocolate for a long time. It’s the truth as my sister would find molded chocolate in my cupboard as I simply forgot about these unnecessary sugars plus they had gluten in.

The irony of my life is that I always was health conscious eater.  At restaurants I would avoid the homemade breads and avoid the good chicken schnitzel, but rather aimed at a salad or went with a soup.  But it’s what came with this. E.g they would have blue cheese with the salad or add a salad sauce that is smothered in wheat or serve croutons in the soup.  I did not know any better.  Not realizing during my fussy eating that still some of items that would complement your “healthy meal” would still be smothered in gluten and all other colorants.  Of course I would love to go to the bakery and order a freshly baked German Brötchen with Ham or Salami on, but today I know better what best for both my body.

Today, I am thankful to be a diagnosed celiac.  I have learned so much about healthy and clean eating.  Today, I voluntary bake (which never happened before) and eat my cakes and cupcakes as they are packed with so much protein and have less of the usual nasties.  Did I get fatter – Nope.  I have the best body now with healthy muscles complementing my length, I got stronger on both mental and physical levels and my skin is naturally glowing more than ever.

The best part of it all, no tummy cramps and aches, no more eczema on my skin and my bakes have never tasted better.

My recipes are all gluten and wheat free, free from MSG, colourants and stabilisers.   The products I use and promote are free from the list and additional, I support products free from Palm Fruit oil.

That’s my story.  Thank you for reading.  If you have questions, you can contact me, Stephanie Mohrmann, but anything from Steff, Steps or Steffie works fine too, but given my ball of energy I carry around, I respond to Monkey just a well 🙂  |  +264 (0)81 292 9925