Light lunch with a bang!

High protein, low carbs and healthy fats. 1 cup of red cabbage½ Avocado (medium)1 large tomato (or a cup of cocktail tomatoes)1 can of tuna in water (well-drained)1 teaspoon of seed mix (sunflower, flaxseeds, and pumpkin seeds)Fresh ParselyLemon juice Add your favorite light salad dressing.  ProteinCarbsFatsFibreTotal calories 37638g11g20g12g #eatconsciously#eatprotein#eathealthy#lowcarbmeal#healthyfoodchoices#healthyfats

Carrot Cranberry cakes

Cake or muffin format, what ever you prefer. Another wonderful snack or breakfast combo from veggies. Mix DRY ingredients   3 biggish carrots, grated handful cranberries2 Tbsp rice flour baking powderpinch of salt2 scoops vanilla proteinHandful of oats to sprinkle laterMix WET ingredients   2 eggs1 Tbsp vanilla essence and 1 Tbsp caramel essenceDrops of … Continue reading Carrot Cranberry cakes