RED VELVET Protein Bars

RED VELVET PROTEIN BARS Jip-Jip!  I tried it and worked out marvelous.  The just need to stay in the fridge and they won't  last in a warm car for the day. Other than that - they are fantastic. 2 large cooked red beets 2 tablespoons coconut flour 2 scoops casein vanilla protein 1/3 cup almond … Continue reading RED VELVET Protein Bars

Chickpea Crackers

At last, a recipe with chickpea flour that I enjoy. I recommend you try this easy cracker recipe from @powerhungrycamilla! Thumbs up from my side (& my taste buds). I find it hard to copy a recipe exactly the way it is, as I try to adjust the recipe to my personal dietary requirements, however on … Continue reading Chickpea Crackers