Tuna Cakes

Why is it, that the simplest food is the yummiest!? Tuna cakes, rice cracker & tomato sauce.

Could replace the rice crackers with seed crackers for low carb version.

Tuna cakes: drain water from 1 can tuna in water, 1x egg, spices to your liking (rhyme, course black pepper etc), 1 teaspoon baking powder. Then a tablespoon either rice flour (carb day) or teaspoon coconut flour (low carb days).

Mix well, then spoon portions into a hot non-stick frying pan. Cover with a lid.

Turn once edges browned. Both sides should be browned.

Tuna Cakes  Total caloriesProteinCarbsFats
Servings 2, total for both servings23237g8g6g
Makes 10 cakes, facts per cake234g1g1g