Howzit bakers & foodies

Not sure about you, but I struggle to read through lengthy recipe reviews or the history behind it. Perhaps it is just me, but when I search online for a trick on a bake, I skip ahead to the recipe to get cracking at baking.  I might talk a lot during socialising and have lots of energy to exert, but on this site, the words and descriptions are short and sweet and straight to the point.  It might be a proud German descent I carry with, but heck peeps – we have only been gifted with 24 hours in one day.  On this – let me allow you to browse and enjoy the recipes I have tested and redesigned to fit my budget and my gluten-free lifestyle (diagnosed celiac since 2012); plus the recipes fit my hectic – super stimulating -highly amusing and busy lifestyle, both during work and sport commitments.  Peace foodies & bakers!

You are welcome to contact me any time if you have questions or ideas of all sorts!  If you  enjoy reading and would like to know my deeper history of how it all starter, you are welcome to dedicate a few minutes and read about me here.

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